New diabetes treatment hope

According to reports in the diabetes news, scientists have found a new link between diabetes and bacteria found in the stomach. They claim that the finding could be the first stage in developing a new diabetes treatment .
The team found that type 1 diabetes, which develops in childhood, is often kept in check by ‘friendly bugs’ within the stomach. If these bacteria could be reproduced, using a diabetes drug, food supplement or even some type of pro-biotic food or drink then the condition could be averted.
University of Chicago researcher Dr. Chervonsky reportedly commented: “It (the study) is absolutely exciting. The onset of type 1 diabetes in genetic and very complex but we think it can be manipulated with these bacteria. Our ultimate goal is to identify the type (or types) of friendly bacteria and find a substance that they make to help to stop type 1 diabetes development in high-risk people.”
The study will be published in Nature.

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