Diabetes in Saudi Arabia

According to recent reports in international diabetes news, one out of every four Saudi people suffers from diabetes, with 50 per cent of people with diabetes also suffering from pain and numbness – diabetic neuropathy .
A specialist in France, Dr. Mick Gerard of the University Neurological Hospital in Lyo, found that the number of people with diabetes aged between 35 and 64 in the Middle East has soared. His figures suggest some 42.6 million people with diabetes by 2006.
Dr. Gerard was reported as commenting: “Half the number of diabetics suffer from permanent nerve damage and usually the cases are not diagnosed at the right time and in the right manner.”
Hope is being given to sufferers from diabetic neuropathy, with new treatments recently approved. Gerard reportedly commented: “Food and stress contribute 80 percent of diabetes . So the advice is don’t eat too much, keep your body light, and don’t be stressed.”

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