Oats trial seeking people with diabetes

A team of researchers are seeking sixty volunteers with type 2 diabetes to try and understand the impact of eating porridge, oatcakes and muesli on diabetics . The trial, funded by £200,000 from the Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Government, will be based in Inverness and Aberdeen. The cereal may be able to help with blood sugar control.
The project will be conducted as a partnership between University of the Highlands and Islands, the University of Aberdee, and the Rowett Institute. The testing will take place in Inverness, at the Centre for Health Science.
Lead Professor Sandra Macrury was reported as commenting: “The aim is to develop new dietary plans which could improve diabetes control, delay the need for people with type 2 diabetes to start tablets or insulin to control their blood sugar, and potentially reduce the risk of some of the complications of diabetes .”

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