Cannabis could treat diabetes

According to diabetes news reports, cannabis could be used to create a market-leading diabetes treatment, according to a lauded scientist. Professor Mark Cawthorne, who headed up a team that developed GlaxoSmithKline’s Avandia, said that plant-based medicine was the future.
Speaking to Reuters, Cawthorne reportedly commented: “I sincerely believe it is possible to improve on it (Avandia), and plant-based medicines could be one way to do that.”
At this stage, Cawthorne is working closely with GW Pharma, experts in developing cannabis-based medicine. At the GW Metabolic Research Laboratory, different cannabinoid molecules will be examined, alongside a range of other plants.
Cannabis has a complex relationship with medicine. Although there are obvious beneficial properties of the plant, there have also been concerns over side effects . Cawthorne is working with actual cannabis extract.

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