Diabetes UK campaign cleared by advertising authority

Following a review by the Advertising Standards Authority, a campaign by Diabetes UK has been cleared of being in breach of advertising guidelines. The diabetes charity will face no further action.
The campaign in question provoked 16 complaints to the ASA. It featured diabetes as a silent assassin that could lead people into complications. The creative showed people with diabetes being tracked by an assassin. The text of the advert said: “Diabetes. Beware the silent assassin.”
The adjudication report from the ASA reportedly said: “We considered that the ads were unlikely to cause fear or distress to people with diabetes who led healthy lifestyles, were aware of the risks of their condition and were managing their diabetes properly.”
Meanwhile, the chief executive of the charity, Douglas Smallwood, reportedly commented: “The ASA considered all aspects of our Silent Assassin advertisements and understood why the various images and text were used. The campaign aimed to inform people with diabetes that a healthy lifestyle can reduce their risk of developing serious diabetes complications .”

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