Sled dogs and diabetes

The association between sled dogs and diabetes has been investigated by a team of American scientists. Sled dogs are amongst the most energy-efficient creatures on the planet, with the ability to run for hundreds of miles without showing any tiredness. Whether their ability to burn fat holds keys to diabetes and obesity treatments remains to be see, but a team from Oklahoma State University are trying to find out.
Michael Davis, a professor from the university, reportedly commented: “If we can figure out what exercise is doing to start the process, then we may be able to find how it can be applied to everyone, whether or not they are physically able to exercise.” The team have been provided with a $30,000 research grant, of which one-third is contributed by the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, critics of dog sled racing as a whole, claim that humans would be better subjects. Kathy Guillermo was reported as commenting: “Ideally, Mr. Davis would work with human athletes and human cells, for direct relevance to our own species.”
Hopefully the research can identify diabetes treatments to help people with type 2 diabetes .

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