Diabetes tool could lower hospital stay

A 12-week diabetes trial conducted by Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust found that a new tool to help nurses manage inpatient care could improve diabetes patient care and lower hospital stays.
A new toolkit was the focus of the trial. Developed by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement as part of the ThinkGlucose campaign, the aim was to identify diabetes patients at once and effectively match them to care. The toolkit includes a strong self-management component.
Specialist diabetes nurse Emma Innes was reported in the news as saying: ” Patients with diabetes were picked up much more quickly using the tool, and early referral to a DNS meant that far more patients were able to self-manage their diabetes by the time they were discharged, decreasing the need for district nurse support. It has also helped raise the profile of diabetes within the organisatio, and people are now realising that if you get the management right at the beginning it improves the patient experience and reduces costs.”

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