Jonas Brothers endorse the Bayer Contour USB diabetes device

Tue, 02 Mar 2010
A new diabetes blood glucose monitor from Bayer Diabetes Care has been endorsed by the diabetic celebrity Nick Jonas. The Contour USB device was launched today in the UK and Ireland, and features a 'plug and play' functionality that Bayer believe could revolutionise diabetes care .

Users of the blood glucose meter are able to track trends in their blood glucose levels on the move, and transmit their data directly to a healthcare professional. Nick Jonas, who has diabetes, praised the new technology for making his busy schedule more easy.

Dr. Iain Cranston, Consultant Physician at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth reportedly commented: "This technology has the potential to transform the way people manage their diabetes; instead of seeing a single blood glucose level, they can now simply see and review the whole picture. Up until now visualisation of this data has been difficult and people with diabetes have often just been reacting to their one-off blood glucose levels on a real-time basis, but Contour USB gives them a much bigger overview, enabling them to spot regular patterns and potential problems emerging and allowing them to take a more proactive role in their condition."
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