Gastric band hypnosis beat diabetes and led to weight loss

A retired headteacher has reportedly lost a stunning six stone, and beaten type 2 diabetes . The Telegraph news story revealed how Kaye Linley undertook revolutionary hypnotherapy treatment in Spain. Kaye was apparently hypnotised into believing she had had gastric band surgery – a procedure known to have a powerful influence on diabetes .
Within five months, Kaye had dropped from 22 stone to 17 stones, and five dress sizes. Furthermore, her type 2 diabetes reportedly disappeared entirely. Kaye, of West Yorkshire, reportedly commented: ”I decided to retire in December 2010 to travel to places I have only ever dreamed of. But what is the point of paying out a small fortune to get me to exotic places if I can’t then walk around enough to see the sights and enjoy the place? I don’t want a long retirement, ten years will do me fine but I want them to be a good ten years. I want to be fit and active enough to enjoy the time I have.”
She reportedly continued: ”Because mobility was becoming a serious issue something had to be done. I did consider a gastric band operation but I’m squeamish. Then I read an article on the internet about gastric mind bands and thought, this is for me.’ She then flew to a clinic in Marbella for the hypnosis .

The clinic reportedly uses a combination of hypnosis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and is known as the Gastric Mind Band.

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