Diabetes epidemic could be behind young adult stroke rate increase

A fresh study shows that young people are becoming more vulnerable to strokes, particularly those that are overweight or obese . Those younger people with obesity-caused type 2 diabetes face a much greater risk of stroke, and experts are calling for precautionary measures to be adopted.
The study was conducted by Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Dr. Brett Kissela. The stroke rate was shown to have doubled in data collected across five different states. According to the research, the average age of stroke patients in 2005 was also three years younger than the period between 1993-1994.
Kissela reportedly commented: “This is scary and very concerning. What was shocking was the proportion of patients under age 45. The proportion is up, the incidence rate is up.” Experts were quick to attribute the increasing rate to diabetes levels, hypertension levels and higher obesity rates .

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