Over-feeding could contribute to diabetes epidemic

Overweight and obese parents who over-feed their children could be to blame for the obesity crisis in the UK, not to mention surging volumes of type 2 diabetes .
A research team stated the perspective, and claimed that the government could be misguided in their current attempts to stave off rising obesity rates. Currently, the government is focusing on trying to encourage primary school children to exercise, whereas the researchers say the parents of overweight children need to be addressed.
The team, at the Peninsula Medical School, said that the focus should shift to the education of new parents to avoid children becoming overweight and potentially developing type 2 diabetes in later life.
Professor of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Terry Wilki, reportedly commented: “We have found no evidence that physical inactivity precedes obesity, but good evidence that obesity precedes inactivity. A picture is emerging from the EarlyBird study to suggest that weight gain trajectories are set early in life, perhaps very early, by some behavioural sympathy between obese parents and their same-sex offspring.”

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