Innovative new blood glucose meter launched

Sanofi Aventis today launch an innovative new blood glucose meter in the UK.
The iBGStar has been developed to work in combination with Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. The glucometer was awarded the 2011 GOOD DESIGN award, reflecting the ease of use for the user.
The blood glucose meter enables people with diabetes to not only test on the go, but also to view their readings on their iPhone or iPod and make diabetes management decisions as a result. Readings, along with graphs and average, are displayed via the Diabetes Manager App which the user downloads from iTunes.
A trial of the iBGStar demonstrated that 72 per cent of people found the meter to have better functionality and 58 per cent noted that it was easier to use than their previous meter.
TV presenter Dominic Littlewood, who has type 1 diabetes, states: “I lead a hectic lifestyle and so keeping an eye on my blood glucose levels is challenging. iBGStar gives me the reassurance of knowing that I can get accurate blood glucose results using my iPhone, which I carry around anyway. The Diabetes Manager App gives me data in a visual way, so it’s easier to understand and I can also add my own notes against my readings.”

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