More than 11,000 people in Lincolnshire will be diagnosed with diabetes over the next seven years, according to Diabetes UK .
The national charity estimates that by the end of the decade, the number of people living with either type 1 diabetes or the more common type 2 diabetes will exceed 60,000, compared to the current figure of 48,878.
“If these projected figures become a reality then it will be horrendous,” said Pete Shorrick of Diabetes UK.
“I would encourage the new clinical commissioning groups to do more public awareness events. We need to focus on prevention and encourage people to live a more healthy lifestyle.”
He added that quick detection of type 2 diabetes is vital as early management and treatment of the disease can reduce the risk of developing serious complications such as heart disease, blindness and kidney failure.
Health bosses in Lincolnshire recognised the severity of the projected rise in diabetes cases but said the forecast could be influenced by the county’s large elderly population.
“Diabetes is fast becoming one of the biggest health challenges in Britain and Lincolnshire is no exceptio,” an NHS Lincolnshire spokesperson said.
“Although these numbers look high, the risk of diabetes rises sharply with age and Lincolnshire has a high elderly population.
“NHS Lincolnshire is committed to supporting people with diabetes to manage their condition properly to avoid complications, whilst helping people make healthier lifestyle choices to reduce their risk of developing the disease.”

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