Woman awarded for 50 years of managing diabetes

An 81-year-old woman has been recognised for her half a century-long battle with type 1 diabetes.
Margaret Lock, from Great Cornard near Sudbury, Suffolk, was diagnosed with the disease in 1962 and has since managed to keep her condition under control through regular daily injections of insulin.
“For the first 10 years, I had tablets which then stopped working so I had to start on the injections . In those days it involved a glass syringe and putting needles into surgical spirit to clean them,” she commented.
“Although I still have to inject myself four times a day, the needles are much finer and the medication is all in a pen so you don’t have to mix it. I’s so much easier than it was.”
In recognition of her successful long-term management of type 1 diabetes, Ms Lock has been presented with the Alan Nabarro medal by charity group Diabetes UK . The medal is given to people who have lived with diabetes for 50 years and is named after Alan Nabarro, a British man who waged a life-long battle against discrimination against people with diabetes.
Commenting on her achievement, Nishan Wijenaike, a diabetes consultant at West Suffolk Hospital, said: “Type 1 diabetes is a lifelong condition that can be successfully managed, allowing the person with diabetes to continue their normal day-to-day life.
“Margaret is a testament to this and we are delighted to be able to present her with this medal on behalf of Diabetes UK, as living with type 1 diabetes for such a long time is a real achievement.
“Being able to give her this recognition also sets a great example to our other patients by showing them that if they work at it, then can successfully manage their condition and stay well for many years to come.”

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