Parents of children with diabetes encouraged to provide feedback on Government guidance

The Government has launched a consultation on how children with medical conditions, such as type 1 diabetes, should be supported at school.
The Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions consultation will be open to response until Friday 14th of March and will be available to view and respond on the Government’s website.
Care for pupils with diabetes at school has been patchy across the nation and this has caused a number of difficulties for many children and their families. It has not been uncommon for parents to have had to give up or change day jobs in order to go into school to help children with injections and blood tests. In addition, a number of children have missed out on certain school activities and trips owing to a lack of support.
The government consultation is an opportunity to add your voice to others and let the government know how you or your child is affected by the current situation and what needs to change.
The charity Diabetes UK has been campaigning for a number of years for better care in schools for children with type 1 diabetes and the consultation is a unique opportunity to influence new guidance which will be implemented in time for the next school year, starting September 2014.

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