Teenager with type 1 diabetes sent home for wearing shorts

A teenager with type 1 diabetes is speaking out after being sent home from school because he was wearing shorts during the heatwave.
Callum O’Hara, who is currently taking his A-level exams at King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy, opted for cooler clothing because he did not want to overheat in the recent hot weather.
Speaking to ITV News the 18-year-old said: “It is important I keep cool because I suffer from diabetes and my blood sugar levels fall if I get too hot. At this time of year, I have to check my blood sugar levels four times a day and have at least four injections.”
Over the last few days the UK has been gripped by a heatwave with temperatures reaching as high as 34.5C. High temperatures can affect different people with diabetes in different ways. Some people’s blood sugar levels rise whereas those who take insulin face a higher risk of hypoglycemia.
“I decided to wear long black denim shorts to school,” Callum said. “They weren’t too long at all and longer than skirts and dresses that some of the female pupils and teachers wear.
“The teacher saw me and told me I had to go home because my shorts were unsuitable. When I pointed out that my shorts were still longer than the dresses and skirts that some female pupils and teachers wore, I was told as an option to ‘come back to school in a dress or skirt’.”
Puzzled by the school’s decisio, he has now launched an online petition asking for dress codes to be relaxed at the school.
Callum added: “My mother was shocked. She also contacted the school and was told the same thing. I understand the school has to keep to rules on dress code. But I just couldn’t see anything wrong with my shorts, especially when I have a condition where I need to keep cool.”
The Academy has not yet responded to the claims.

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