To commemorate Diabetes Week we’re lauding the achievements of our Low Carb Program community, many of whom have turned around their health around and achieved incredible diabetes control.
Weight loss is a pertinent benefit of going low carb. This is evidenced through users including Graham Hogben and healthcare professional Tina Thorpe, while Michele Gladden is an optimal example of how low carb reduces HbA1c.
Their stories have this week inspired other Low Carb Program users to request for their stories to be shared. These users include Rachel Griffi, Yvonne Lane (pictured), Janice Fairbrother and Debra Scott.
Rachel began eating low carb following her type 2 diabetes diagnosis and within a year had halved her HbA1c from 70 mmol/mol (8.6%) to consistently in the mid-30s (around 5.4%). She said: “My diabetes diagnosis really has been a blessing in disguise, as a result of it I am so much fitter than I was this time last year!”
Debra too experienced notably improved blood sugar readings within two months of going low carb. “I knew [low carb] was the only way to get my blood glucose back to normal. My weight started to drop almost on a daily basis. By the time I went to my next review with the DN I had lost two stone,” she said.
Janice began the Low Carb Program in September 2017 having lived with type 2 diabetes for roughly 20 years. “In March 2018 (having continued to use the knowledge gained from the Low Carb Program and other more experienced participants on the program), I went for my annual review,” she said. “It was amazing! My HbA1c was now 5.5%, in normal range for someone without diabetes. My other bio markers like HDL had improved and triglycerides had come down. My weight remained stable.”
Yvonne, meanwhile, has dropped a remarkable 43 kg (95 lbs) on low carb, and has normalised her blood pressure. She said: “Low carb truly has changed my life and the best thing is, it’s a way of eating that I really enjoy. In fact, it often seems indulgent!”
In 2016, the Low Carb Program won the Positive Social Impact Award at Lloyds Bank National Business Awards UK 2016. Its growing success has inspired our forthcoming Type 1 Program, designed to help people with type 1 diabetes avoid rollercoaster blood sugar levels, and is now available for people to register their interest.

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