A device designed to make inserting insulin pump infusion sets easier has been made available in Europe.
The MiniMed Mio Advance Infusion Set, unveiled at a recent diabetes conference in Vienna, comes with an all-in-one, fully disposable inserter with a hidden needle.
This means users only have to peel the adhesive off, remove the disconnect cover, put it on the infusion site and press a button to insert. The idea is to make insertion an easier and less intrusive procedure for people with diabetes.
It can also be used one-handed, making it ideal for children, older people and for those who choose to wear their pump sensor on their arm.
The Minimed Mio Advance was developed by technology company Unomedical and distributed via Medtronic. At the moment it is available in the UK, Italy, and the Netherlands. It is expected the device will become more widely available later in the year.
Annette Brüls, president of Diabetes Service and Solutions at Medtronic, said: “Early feedback on the Mio Advance infusion set has been fantastic.
“Our goal is to continuously improve and innovate on core technologies to help people with diabetes continue to experience greater freedom and better health. We are excited to leverage the MiniMed Mio Advance as a platform for future infusion set innovations.”
Results of a small trial involving 200 users were discussed at the annual International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD). The findings showed more than 85% of users favoured the MiniMed Mio Advance than the one they were already using.

John M. Lindskog, president of Infusion Devices at ConvaTec. Unomedical, added: “We are very excited to launch this innovative new product with Medtronic Diabetes. Ensuring patient access to the latest technology through one of the world’s largest insulin pump manufacturers is instrumental to the product’s success, and helps to further strengthen our partnership.”

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