Johnson and Johnson has announced details of a warranty refund and support programme for users of Animas insulin pumps.
In October 2017, Johnson & Johnson announced that they would exit the insulin pump business and no longer continue to produce Animas’ range of insulin pumps.
The company has sent letters to all its customers as well as their healthcare providers to outline the programme. Users of the Animas Vibe insulin pump will need to transition onto another insulin delivery system by September 2019. The transition can be onto an alternative insulin pump and some users may transition onto injections if they wish to.
People who have an existing warranty on their insulin pump that extends beyond September 2019 will be given a warranty refund programme that will help them to transition to a new insulin pump. Your healthcare trust will need to register on behalf of you by the end of April to participate in the warranty refund programme.
A training support programmen, available from Animas, is available to healthcare professionals to help them to give people on Animas pumps the best support through the transition.
If you have an Animas insulin pump provided by the NHS and have questions about the transitio, please contact your insulin pump team.
If you self-fund your own Animas insulin pump, you can contact Johnson & Johnson by emailing [email protected] or calling 01494 552028. Alternatively, you can write to Animas UK at Johnson & Johnson’s headquarters in High Wycombe.
Type 1 diabetes charity JDRF UK recently merged with INPUT, a charity dedicated towards helping people with diabetes to access new technology for managing diabetes, such as insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring systems and flash glucose monitoring systems.
Members of the Diabetes Forum have been discussing the options available for switching to different insulin pumps on the ‘Animas Vibe replacement’ forum thread.

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