Cricket star with type 1 diabetes left "humiliated" at Manchester airport

Jack Woodfield
Wed, 24 Jul 2019
Cricket star with type 1 diabetes left "humiliated" at Manchester airport
A former Pakistan cricket player with type 1 diabetes has slammed security officials at Manchester airport for saying they made him feel "embarrassed" and "humiliated".

Wasim Akram is a retired fast bowler and former Pakistan cricket team captain who had been in the UK for commentary duties during the Cricket World Cup, which England won on July 14.

The sports star was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1997 during the peak of his career but refused to let the condition hold him back. He is generally regarded as one of the greatest fast bowlers in the history of cricket and one of the best left-arm fast bowlers.

On Tuesday, the 53-year-old took to Twitter to reveal the negative experience he had at Manchester Airport.

He said: "Very disheartened at Manchester airport today, I travel around the world with my insulin but never have I been made to feel embarrassed. Felt very humiliated as I was rudely questioned &ordered publicly to take my insulin out of its travel cold-case &dumped in to a plastic bag."

Akram returned to Twitter later in the day to post: "I do not believe I should have been treated differently from anyone else. I just believe there should be a standard of care when dealing with all people.

"I understand there are proper safety precautions but that doesn't mean people should be humiliated whilst undergoing them."

Last year Manchester Airport officials apologised after a 13-year-old girl was told by security her insulin could "make the plane crash" and it would be "her fault".
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