Pioneering technology is now being offered to all expectant women with type 1 diabetes to help them better manage their condition during their pregnancy.

A top diabetes government advisor has confirmed that continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices will now be offered to all pregnant women with the autoimmune condition.

Professor Partha Kar, National Specialty Advisor for Diabetes for NHS England, who has been instrumental in orchestrating this dynamic move, said: “I can confirm that NHS England now offers CGM to all pregnant women with type 1 diabetes, which is a huge milestone.”

The NHS announced in January that it planned to make the technology available for all pregnant women.

The decision was made off the back of published research in 2017. The CONCEPTT trial proved how beneficial CGMs could be in improving neonatal outcomes among women with type 1 diabetes during their antenatal care.

The findings showed that women with type 1 who used CGM, along with self-monitoring of blood glucose, during pregnancy had lower HbA1c levels and spent an average of 100 minutes per day longer in the target glucose range than women that only self-monitored.

The research also suggested that if CGMs are used over the course of the woman’s entire pregnancy, then NHS England would benefit from saving £9.5 million in costs.

However, the roll-out was delayed because of the pandemic, but Professor Kar said now the initiative has finally begun, it is likely to make a huge difference to a lot of women’s lives.

He said: “I’m a huge advocate of using technology to help improve diabetes health outcomes and I’m delighted that we can offer CGMs to all expectant women with type 1 diabetes, after the proposed start in April was delayed by COVID-19.

“I feel the technology is going to make a huge improvement and also means pregnant women might be able to relax a little bit leaving them with more time to enjoy the pregnancy experience.”

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