Samsung and Apple are racing to introduce a groundbreaking non-invasive blood glucose monitoring feature in their upcoming smartwatches, according to a recent report by Bloomberg.

According to reports, Samsung is now actively working to integrate the feature.

The focus on incorporating a wearable device capable of measuring blood pressure and glucose levels continuously was emphasised by Samsung’s digital health chief, Hon Pak, in a recent interview.

Pak said, “If we can do continuous blood pressure and glucose, we’re in a whole different ball game.”

The report reveals that Samsung aims to enhance its health-related offerings by utilising sensors placed in various parts of the body to provide users with a more extensive range of health data.

While no specific timeline for the introduction of continuous blood pressure and glucose monitoring was provided, Pak expressed optimism that it could happen within the next 5 years.

Although existing smartwatches, like the Galaxy Watch 5, can measure blood pressure, achieving continuous monitoring presents a significant technical challenge.

Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring holds immense potential for people with diabetes.

The move towards non-invasive monitoring aims to remove discomfort for users.

However, achieving this poses challenges posed by technological innovation and requirement for accuracy in measurements.

Unlike features such as heart-rate monitoring, blood glucose readings are critical for providing accurate insulin dosages and other medications.

The approval process from regulatory bodies, such as the FDA and NICE, adds additional layers of complexity. 

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