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Omnitest 3

Omnitest 3
Omnitest 3

The Omnitest 3 from the well established German medical company Bbraun is a new entrant to the blood glucose meter market (in 2011).

The meter is ideal for people who wish to own a blood glucose monitor that is simple, quick and easy to use.

Omnitest 3 Features

Omnitest 3 requires minimal blood and is one of the fastest blood glucose monitoring systems available.

Omnitest 3 delivers a result with no coding, requires a tiny blood sample size of 0.3 microlitres and takes only 3 seconds to display a result.

User friendly navigation, a large LCD panorama display and rubber grips allow for easy reading and handling.

The memory can hold 500 results with a number of different markers to differentiate between results (pre-meal, post meal, after taking medication and control tests). There are also 5 customisable alarms which can assist with maintaining a steady treatment regime.

Omnitest 3 Technical Information

  • No coding required
  • 3 second test time
  • 0.3µl blood sample volume
  • Pre/post meal and control solution marking function making for better glucose control
  • 500 test results (3 independent average calculations from 1-99 days)
  • Auto power on with strip insertion
  • Auto off with strip ejection
  • Rubber grip for no slip on surfaces
  • Battery life: approx 3000 tests
  • Strips: Omnitest 3 strips available on prescription
  • Batteries: Uses 2 x CR2032, 3V lithium batteries (included)
  • Support: Diabetes support is available from Bbraun on 0800 163 007
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