Diabetes control could fight infertility

Fri, 05 Oct 2007
According to a recent study conducted in Sweden, the fertility of women suffering with type 1 diabetes used to be reduced. However, with tight diabetes control and especially if complications were avoided, damage to fertility is not a foregone conclusion.

The study, published in leading journal Diabetes Care, indicates that stricter metabolic control could lower infertility rates. Researchers from the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm studied almost 6,000 women to glean their conclusions.

Dr. Jonasson, the lead author, reportedly commented: "Our results suggest that the new strategy with more rigorous metabolic control instituted in the mid- or late-1980s has been successful also with regard to fertility. However, the risk of congenital malformations in live newborns of mothers with type 1 diabetes is higher than that of mothers in the general Swedish population although a decreasing trend has been observed in the last 30 years."

However, speaking on a global basis, Jonasson reportedly commented: "The results might not be generalized to other populations due to the difference in the quality of health care and strategies."
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