Where would I be without my 20,000 health team?

They’re open 24 hours a day and weekends too. I can ask almost any question I like and usually get a detailed response. What’s more, many of my questions are answered even before I’ve asked them.

They always seem to have time –no limiting me to 10 minutes of their time. I can count on a second opinion –in fact there are often more than a dozen opinions to be had. The opinions are usually nicely varied; no one size fits all recommendations.

I’m not worried about their conflicts of interest, and I can be confident that they’ll tell it as they see it. My health team are not persuaded by pharmaceutical companies to recommend any particular treatment. What’s more, this unique health team have lived through it all with diabetes for a lifetime and then some.

In terms of success this practice is hard to beat. Since enrolling, my health numbers have notably improved with an HbA1c figure which previously was a real worry at over 9 is now below 6.5%.

Who is this team? -the good people on the diabetes forum.

…and for those times when I’m still in doubt –well, there’s always that other healthcare team.

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