Cerys is 9 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January this year. She’s a born star, having raised money for a boy with cancer and, since being diagnosed, for diabetic charities too.

Shortly after her diagnosis Cerys wanted to raise some money for the charity Diabetes UK. Cerys organized a tea party and had about 20-30 people in her front room helping to raise money. Many of her friends, family and even school teachers came along, including the headmaster.

During the tea party she said that she felt so proud she could cry that so many people came along, including the headmaster who Cerys says is her own hero. In total, over £200 was raised.

A few months before she was diagnosed Cerys raised over £300 alone, by doing a sponsored silence, for a local boy who was sadly dying of cancer. She raised over £300 for him. With help from her parents, Cerys managed to raise, in total, over £1,000 for the cause –a fantastic effort.

Cerys even has own website now about diabetes, called The Insulin Gang, which will appeal to other children with the condition and gives them a place to talk with Cerys and other kids with diabetes as well as raise money for specific causes.

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