Hello, my name is Joanna, I am a Type 2 diabetic, I was diagnosed in March 2012 with an HbA1c of 7%. Since diagnosis I have researched all kinds of diets, supplements, exercise and any thing else that I could incorporate into my daily routine to help me control my condition. Four months after diagnosis I had another HbA1c that came back as 4.9%.

When I was diagnosed I wanted to know more about diabetes, so typed it into Google and found the DCUK forum, I remember spending hours reading posts and articles posted by members, it was there I began to see diabetes is not the great evil cloud it is perceived to be, or at least it doesn’t have to be. I turned that black cloud into a new start, losing weight and eating as healthily as possible and gentle exercise.

I now spend as much time as I can on the DCUK forum trying to reassure and advise people who are newly diagnosed and afraid. I do this because I remember so well how I felt upon diagnosis, and there were many people on the forum who did the same for me. They also encouraged my research and desire to help myself as much as possible. Even now, although I feel greatly empowered by my gained knowledge, I still have times where things bother me, and the forum will always come to my aid.

I enjoy writing, and hope that my blog posts will be interesting and helpful. I will try to share, just some of the things that happen in my daily like around the issue of diabetes. ')}

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