Well day one has arrived, I woke up bright an early as most days feeling good, nothing but excitement as to what the day will hold.

First things first: the scales I would NEVER share this number with anyone but here it goes. I tipped in at 108.9kg 🙁

I’m going to bore (or inform depending on your take) with the small details, So it 7.41am my fasting BGs are 12.8 , I have had my rapid insulin 30 units and I also take 2x 500mg of metformin for my sins and bottoms up down the hatch my Almased shake.

The shake itself is easy to make, this morning I decided to make it with water and I have to say it smells nice, reminded me are Farley’s rusks which I used to give my children when they were young 🙂 happy memories and has the consistency of your average milkshake, all I can say next is the happiness was short lived for me the taste was indescribable grainy and unsweet it was bearable until the last 30-50ml then I was struggling to finish it, but I did it did however leave a funny aftertaste which I couldn’t stand so quickly followed it up with a trip to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

The morning has passed ok nothing to report I did feel nauseous not sure if that was due to the shake or my cause I was attending my 1st physio appointment 🙂
So lunch time has arrived, now I’ve collected my baby from nursery at 12.30pm. I felt some anxiety as I didn’t enjoy the morning shake, so I decided to try making it with milk see if that changed the taste, my BGs were 5.6. I’m in shock, I can’t remember a time they were in target and right at that moment was super chuffed and forgot my impending shake so continued with my 30 units of rapid acting insulin and down the hatch once again, and once again my bubble was burst with a bang it really didn’t make much difference at all. At this point, my only thought was “it’s just these 3 days, then normal food is introduced again, just suck it up an think of the end game” and after reading other blog on this Almased I’m guessing it’s like Marmite – you either like or hate it, and I can only be honest and say I hate it but will do my best as if it does what it claims will be worth it.

I’ve been busy making the vegetable broth which I can drink alongside the shakes in the 3 day phase and feel I bit off – checked my BGs and they were 4.4 so had a slice of bread with nothing on to relieve my pre hypo, as still a long time till dinner and less than 2 hours had passed. Broth made and with the herbs and pepper I added was actually very nice, just odd for me to consume, so little I’m happy to admit I love food big pot now ready for later should I need or want it and plenty to cater for tomorrow to.

Wing Chun (martial arts) tonight (for the kids, that is) so early dinner tonight 4.45pm and down the hatch with today’s final shake made with milk again, as the taste is slightly better and I just downed it in one. It was easier if I’m honest, as the aftertaste is quick funny and makes me feel nauseous my BGs are great: 7.7 🙂 and silly me rush, rush, rush, made the silly mistake of forgetting to take my insulin. Had I not been noting everything down so I could later write this blog would have thought I had taken it and therefore missed an injection, so upon arriving at the class 45 minutes later took my rapid insulin, only having 26 units this time after my low reading so soon after lunch at the same time took my Lantus 30 units as I would no doubt forget as I never it would be all systems go when we arrived home. Treated myself to a latte too the time waiting for my babies passes much nicer and quicker 🙂

Seeing as the football is on the TV, I’ve become a footballing widow so decided to come to bed write this blog then have an early night. I’ve just checked my BGs they are 5.0 – Wow this really is good! Nice way to end my day for a change.

Apart from the unpleasant or acquired taste, all is well for day 1 will report back again tomorrow. 🙂
lisa x

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