Well, here we are, my 14 day Almased trial finished earlier this week.  Apologies for the delayed blog update, but been a bit bonkers at work, and combined with 2 toddlers ready to pop with easter excitement, I’m not sure where the week has gone.  I have to say (as I have before) I was initially apprehensive about Almased and whether it would do “exactly what it said on the tin”.  Many meal replacements, promote enticing claims of weight loss, yet often leave you hungry and craving, leading to a bigger weight gain afterwards.

Once I overcame the initial taste (see previous post) I was amazed at how full I felt about half an hour after an Almased drink.  I would say to anyone who is considering using Almased, whether to support achieving weight loss goals, stabilise blood sugar levels (really works), or simply to give your body some quality nutrition, stick with it and push through the first 3 days.  Once my palate had adjusted, I almost looked forward to my morning shake.

I found it more difficult once I started incorporating food back into the day, as I had to think about what I was going to eat, carb content etc (I am still getting my head around the whole carb counting thing), and I’m not saying I was perfect for the duration, I was keen to keep my foods as close to the families meals as possible, but I definitely made healthier choices.

The literature that comes with the product says that you can lose up to 14lb within the 14 days, but I tried not to focus on this as everyone loses weight at different rates, and I didn’t want the pressure of weight loss to detract my focus from the change on lifestyle.  I weighed myself Tuesday morning and YIPPPEEEEEE 8lb down! I am over the moon 🙂 My clothes are looser, and I genuinely feel so much more alert and full of oomph!.  Friends have commented that my skin looks clearer, and I seem “bouncier” (Their words not mind!)

I for one will be ordering some more Almased, and having 1 shake per day to continue on my journey to find the inner me 🙂

Bye Bye fellow bloggers, it’s been fun! as with my previous posts here’s the song I was singing after I stepped on the scales 🙂

(ps I can’t sing, but I love nothing more than a good dance and singalong with a hairbrush!!, even better when the tiddlers join in with the cheerleading pom poms and tambourines! turns into quite the party house 😉 )




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