Hi  all.

Due to loads of family issues this is my first day trialing Almased. I am 58 and have been type 2 for about 9 years now and have other health issues .. fibromyalgia and arthritis to name a couple, and I have gained weight over the last six months that I need to lose. I was overweight to begin with but not by too much as I had previously managed to lose 3 stone about 4 years ago and more or less kept it off. I’m not sure why I have gained so much or why I can’t lose it by just cutting down as I did before … new meds, age, who knows!

Anyway, I had my first shake this morning and my overall reaction was yuck!  Really awful taste, and leaves you with a revolting after taste that won’t go away even after extra teeth scrubbing …. I do hope I will get used to it, or maybe someone can tell me how to disengage my gag reflex   😉

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