Hey bloggers and blogettes 🙂 How is everyone getting on? it’s been a little quiet on the blog front of late, I can only see posts from a couple of you.  I can’t believe there is only four days left of  the trial for me.  Now that my palate has adjusted to the taste and change in diet, I almost feel a little sad that in theory this (from a blog point of view) is drawing to a close.  As I’ve said before, I feel that I will probably continue with the Almased going forward to continue to support my weight loss goals and also for the nutrition it injects (pardon the pun) into my diet.

I’m not saying I’ve been perfect and followed it to every comma and full stop recommended, but it has really enabled me to reflect on the lifestyle choices I make, and think before shovelling whatever I’ve grabbed into my mouth.  I am more aware of the carb content of things (think a little bit of denial previously), and whilst I am not following the meals laid out in the brochure, I do try to make low carb choices and stay within the 100g per day recommendation.  I can honestly say that I have not felt hungry or craved anything in between the shakes, and sometimes think the shakes only bit was actually easier as you didn’t need to work anything out.

I have not weighed myself this week, have decided to wait until day 14 draws to a close and I make my final (sob) blog entry.  Whilst it may not reflect in the lbs, my clothes are not as tight, my skin is brighter, and friends have commented how well and refreshed I look (no mean feat with 2 little ones, one of whom does not like sleep!!).  I feel energised and more mentally alert (again no mean feat 😉 )

So hope you are all getting along ok, look forward to reading others journeys, and see you at the final curtain!!

Today I’m leaving a clip of my little girls most favourite song in the whole world to dance too – it’s a bit bonkers (like me) but find my increased energy means I quite like joining in too 😉 Feel free to confess if you’ve danced along too!!

Shake my sillies out


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