Well today has been fab. I was hungry when I woke , but managed to ignore the pangs until 8am and nearly (:D) enjoyed my morning shake, yes I am getting used to the taste, and then … how exciting I could have lunch with actual solids!

I ignored the irish stew suggestion because I don’t eat much meat and it was far too warm for stew, so instead I had a large green salad with some cherry tomatoes and it was delicious.  It seemed to taste better than usual, or maybe that was imagination, or the anticipation!

I had another shake at 6pm as usual and I feel full, and pretty energetic too, in fact I’m quite impressed with my overall energy levels today and yesterday. I went for a wee walk today, I should explain that I can’t walk far and need a stick, and I enjoyed it a lot.  Right now I feel if I had a new leg I could walk for miles, but with my grandchildren arriving at lunchtime tomorrow, tomorrow night I might be singing a different tune 😉

I hope everyone is getting on ok with the trial. Happy shaking  xx

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