So after having my first shake at 6am because I had to get driving half an hour after, and only having a banana for lunch (long story), I had my evening shake and actually still feel fine and reasonably energetic.  I picked up my grandchildren this morning which took six hours there and back, and from  then on have been running the all day cafe that you do with three small children!  I’m quite chuffed that I have managed not to sample any of their goodies, and they have plenty with them   🙂

So getting back to Almased, I have decided to carry on using it after the two weeks are over and try and get down to my ideal weight and maintain it. I’m not so sure about breakfasts from day 10 onward, because I really dislike eating solid food early in the day and usually just grab a banana, so I will probably stick to a shake as it suits me better, or blend the banana in with a shake maybe.

Has anyone else come up with some recipes for changing the taste?  I think caramel would be a good flavour to add to it, but have no idea as yet whether there is a low sugar (with no chemicals) cordial that could be used.  If I have time I’ll have a scout around and let you all know.

Well done to all of you who are now in their second week, and keep on shaking  xx

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