Forgive me fellow bloggers for I have sinned 🙁 I fell off the wagon!! Half way through day 2 and I was sooooo tired.  Youngest tiddler currently auditioning for the role of the bogey monster and was up half the night.  Zoe with 3 hours sleep and shakes only, did not a combination make.  before I knew it I had eaten lunch with the toddlers before I even realised what I had done.

I felt awful when the penny dropped, but I will say, As I am making lifestyle changes anyway it was a plain chicken salad I had made, so I haven’t lost a huge amount of sleep over it (not that I can afford to lose any more 😉 ) Personally, have to say that I am getting used to the flavour now, although the aftertaste still leave a lot to be desired.  Having had a browse on the Almased website it would seem that some people add fruit and other flavouring to their shake (although an Almased nutritionist said to be careful with fruit due to the sugar content, and everyone reacts differently to fruit) So if I feel the trial makes a difference to a; my blood sugar levels, and b; my weight, I may look at that long term one shake a day, possibly for breakfast as it really does seem to keep hunger at bay til lunchtime.

Have not got around to making the broth so instead invested in a 100% pure vegetable juice V8, figured in for a penny in for a pound, and it would also provide some pure goodness.  EEEWWWW! another acquired taste, but I keep repeating the mantra “This is good for you, you will look better, feel better, think better!” I have been having 150ml mid morning and mid afternoon. Again, 3rd  day and feeling energised, skin is definately clearer and seems brighter (aka not having to layer on quite so much slap!) My blood sugar levels are without a doubt more stable, and whether or not it is a psychological matter, I feel so much better, not like only copious cups of tea and biscuits to dunk will get me through the day.

And more importantly and the reason for the clip at the end – as of this morning I am 3lb down 😮 YIPPEEE I know that weight loss varies greatly between individuals, some of you will have lost more, others not as much, but for me this was hugely reassuring after my slight wobble/cock up on day 2!!

Speak soon



I love this song! and I challenge you not to want to watch this and join in (ps not me in clip, pinched/borrowed from you tube

Happy Dance

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