#13 – “Did you eat too much sugar?”


#12 – “Have you got the bad type or the good type?”


#11 – “Does it hurt?”


#10 – “So you haven’t got real diabetes then”


#9 – “Do you have the type that goes low or the type that goes high?”


#8 – “How did you catch that?”


#7 – “So it’s hereditary? Best you don’t have kids then…”


#6 – “If you go low do I just inject you with insulin?”


#5 – “I thought insulin only worked if you injected it in the heart”


#4 – “Are you still on insulin?”


#3 – “But you’re not fat”


#2 – “You can’t eat that!”


#1 – “If you ate this bar of chocolate, would you die?”

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