On my eighth day now and feel good.  Allowed two solid meals and one shake for the next few days!

Decided to have my shake for breakfast as I was going swimming this morning and knew I would be starving when I came out. Had lunch out , meatballs with pasta and a chicken salad for dinner.

Here is something for you ladies…..my fingernails have grown fantastically well over the last week! Now this may have something to do with not being at work but it’s a bit of a coincidence that I’ve been on Almased for a week and its packed with nutrients! My hair also feels a bit thicker. Having a underactive thyroid my hair is usually very fine but the last few days people keep asking if I’ve had my hair done!

Might have my shake at lunchtime tomorrow as I’ve been a naughty girl and been caught speeding do I’m off to my speed awareness course! Starts at 12.30pm and finishes at 4.30pm so I figured it would be better to have breakfast and dinner and take my shake with me.

Looking forward to my last few days on the trial and I can’t wait to jump on the scales. I’ve curbed my OCD and decided to wait until my last day before weighing myself again!

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