Well here I am again!!! Still waiting  for a reply from Almased so I’m still using the lower amount until I’m told otherwise!  I have noticed a couple of things today. Firstly I am really not hungry,which, if you knew me would be the last thing you would ever imagine would come out of my mouth. Secondly, I went shopping and usually I perform a secret service type of manoeuvre to avoid the beautiful chocolate aisle but today I walked down it and not one bar of chocolate shouted my name!

What is happening to me??

Jumped on the scales first thing to find I am already 1 pound lighter. First time in 20 years that the scales have read 10 stone something!!!!! Yay!!!

The shakes taste better today and I would go as far as saying I’ve enjoyed them and looked forward to drinking them.

I don’t think there has been any bad side effects and I also have more energy than usual. Due to both my diabetes and under active thyroid I usually feel extremely tired round about 4 pm. If it’s my day off from work I’m usually having as little nap but not today so it’s been a win win situation! Losing weight and not tired.

I haven’t had headaches like a few others have reported and no stomach cramps!

All in all the last two days have been great!

Have a great evening!

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