Here I am at the end of my tenth day.  Once again it has been relatively easy. I had both solid meals for breakfast and lunch and my shake for dinner. I must say that I always feel more hungry when I have eaten so by dinnertime I was ravenous. I much prefer to have the shake earlier in the day.

I tried the Chicken Tikka for dinner. They really have put a lot of thought into the recipes to make them extremely tasty and easy to prepare. On their website they also have a few variations for the shakes. I’m tempted to try the chocolate one but think it may fuel my sweet tooth. I think if I was struggling with the taste of the shake then it would definitely be worth playing about with the flavours but I really enjoy it as it comes!

Best bit of the day was putting on my work trousers and having to look for a belt! That was just fantastic!

Been looking on the internet today to see what prices are being charged for a single tub and Amazon came up the best at just under £14. I think that’s quite reasonable as when I am down to one shake a day a tub will last ten days. I will be placing an order very soon! I really don’t want to think about my energy levels going back to what they were before I started with the Almased.

Have also converted my friend who I went to see today. I have known her for about twenty years and probably saw her a week before I started the plan. Today she told me and I quote” I have never seen you look so good”. And this was before I told her about Almased!!!  Needless to say she got the website address and I had to make the cups of tea while she looked at the site. Think I should be on commission!

More tomorrow….have a good evening!

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