Well didn’t I speak to soon!!! After my post yesterday,which was early evening, I spent the next few hours on the loo!!!! Terrible wind and diahorrea! If I could have made a tune from the rumbling from my stomach I could have auditioned for Britain’s got Talent!

I woke this morning with a banging headache and I don’t normally get these. I don’t know if its from a lack of caffeine or from the diet! On a normal day I would drink maybe four cans of Pepsi max and umpteen cups of tea but I am following this diet to the letter so I would be inclined to think it’s caffeine withdrawal

Weighed myself first thing and oh the joy!! 10 stone 11 pounds!

My blood sugars have been good ( for me). My evening reading after my milkshake for dinner has been at 8.4 but surprisingly my morning read has been 10 and 11. I wonder if this could be ” dawn phenomenon”? I have decided to set my alarm for 3am to test my glucose level for the next few nights! Something else to chat about with the diabetic nurse.

I am allowed to have one meal tomorrow and Im not sure if I really want to. It’s been so easy to have a shake at every meal and not have to think about food. I am a little apprehensive as my whole life revolves round food and for the last three days I haven’t even thought about it.  I’m hoping having some solid food won’t make me want to eat the whole fridge.

Roll on tomorrow! Will be on those as scales first thing!!!!

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