#6 – Pork scratchings (the proper ones, not the crisps!)

Pork scratchings are actually fairly easy on your blood glucose levels since they’re pretty much just fat and sodium. Great snack if you’re low carbing or if you just feel a little bit peckish but don’t want to mess around too much with insulin.


#5 – Nuts

Because of their high fat content, most people reckon nuts are pretty unhealthy and should be avoided at all costs. Whilst it’s best to only eat them in moderation, they’re not a snack we should be afraid of. In fact, they’re a really good source of unsaturated fat, vitamins, fibre and antioxidants. Almonds are probably the best choice of nut if you’re after a quick snack.


#4 – Full Fat yoghurt

Most people cringe a little when they hear full fat. It starts to echo, you feel a little giddy. It’s okay though, you heard right. Low or reduced fat yoghurts obviously have some of the naturally occurring fat removed and most of the time, this is compensated for by adding in carbs and sugar to make up for the missing fat. As you likely know by now, carbs and sugar contribute to raising blood glucose levels.


#3 – Eggs

Ever thought twice about having so many eggs in a week? It’s a pretty common concern, especially given the myths floating around about the amount of bad cholesterol in them. Check out this topic on our forum to see what other people are saying about eggs https://www.diabetes.co.uk/forum/threads/how-many-eggs-do-you-eat-per-week.35236/ – some of our users are having over 15 eggs a week!


#2 – Red meat

Personally, I love a nice steak every now and then. Every few weeks we hear about new research on red meat telling us that it’s the food equivalent of the devil, but most low carbers eat plenty of it.


#1 – Chocolate

That’s right… chocolate really isn’t as bad as you’d think as long as you pick the right kinds. My personal favourite is the 85% Moser Roth from Aldi. It’s a cheap and cheerful option that clocks up only 20.1g carbs per 100g. It’s best that you go for 80% cocoa or higher. It’s pretty bitter but tastes awesome.

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