Diabetes.co.uk will be conducting a live Q&A with the creators of the Fixing Dad documentary on Sunday March 1 2015 to discuss how Geoff Whitington battled to fight his type 2 diabetes.

The Fixing Dad team consists of Geoff, the dad, and his two sons, Anthony and Ian. They made it their mission to fix their father, who has type 2 diabetes with neuropathy, diabetic foot and retinal problems.

Their remarkable story has featured on television programmes such as Good Morning Britain and The One Show, and the team have been busy filming Geoff’s progress along the way.

Their Fixing Dad film is due to premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in September – you can watch a trailer of the film below.

Geoff and Anthony will be answering questions between 7pm-8pm (1900-2000), and are available to discuss how Geoff managed himself away from the threat of amputation, his diet, and the effects of his story upon their family.

If you are a carer of someone with diabetes, or a patient yourself, you can send your questions now to Geoff and Anthony on the Diabetes Forum. Alternatively, if you want to post questions live on Sunday March 1, you can do so on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Reversing type 2 diabetes

In late 2013, Geoff had a number of complications including high cholesterol and Charcot’s Foot. He weighed over 19 stone.

His sons took control of their dad’s health management after fears grew he may require amputation. They subsequently removed all processed and refined foods from his diet, including any food with added sugar or salt.

Upon adapting a lower carb diet which increased intake of vegetables, oily fish and lower GI (Glycemic index) carbohydrates, while reducing red meats and portion sizes, Geoff lost five stone.

By virtually cutting out all carbs and fats, Geoff was able to completely come off his type 2 diabetes medication.

As well as fixing his diet, Ian and Anthony set Geoff the target of eventually completing a 100-mile cycle ride, which began with gradually building his fitness up and working out in the gym.

Caring for someone with diabetes

Ian and Anthony had to dedicate their time to fixing their dad, and have admitted their mission was a stressful one, but ultimately rewarding.

Caring for someone with diabetes can be challenging and there are a number of ways that diabetes can impact the loved ones of somebody with the condition.

Geoff and Anthony will discuss the affect that FixingDad has had on the family, and what changes they have had to make along the way.

If you want to ask Geoff and Anthony a question then send it over and log on before 1900 on Sunday March 1 for the live Q&A.

Diabetes.co.uk will be launching a monthly series of live Q&As throughout 2015, giving users the chance to ask diabetes-related questions to experts such as doctors, nutritionists and dieticians.

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