With technology ever-evolving in the fight against diabetes, the quality of apps that assist in diabetes management is also improving.

Depending on whether you want your diabetes app to log blood glucose readings or monitor food intake, the options are increasing for those with single or multiple requirements.

While certain apps are tied to the meter you use, and choosing an app may be based on this prerequisite, we’ve scoured the market for 10 of the best diabetes apps available – not the “top” 10 necessarily – regardless of which meter you own.

Editor’s note: Although the Diabetes Forum App – which allows you to find support and ask questions with over 155,000 users – is one of the most popular diabetes apps on both the iOS and Android marketplace, it is technically not a management app – so isn’t included below.

10. Diabetes Recipe App

Available for: iOS, Android

What does it do?: Provides weekly recipes which can be tailored to your diabetes-friendly diet. Your favourite recipes can be saved and rated, and filtered based on carbohydrate and calories content and the time they take to cook.

9. OneDrop

Available for: iOS

What does it do: OneDrop was launched in April 2014 and allows medication, food intake, insulin levels and exercise to be tracked. Once this information is logged, the effects on blood glucose levels can be measured. You can also share your data and encourage others in the OneDrop community.

8. MyFitnessPal

Available for: iOS and Android

What does it do?: Maintaining a healthy weight is a crucial aspect of diabetes management, and MyFitnessPal enables weight loss through monitoring what you eat and customising food intake to your individual goals. Features include a food barcode scan, providing you have an internet connection, while low-carb diets such as the Atkins diet can be supported.

7. Accu-Chek Connect

Available for: iOS, Android

Meter compatibility: Accu-Chek Performa Connect

What does it do? Earlier this month, the Accu-Chek Connect App became the first FDA-approved app that gives bolus insulin advice. This feature, which requires activation from a health care professional, allows patterns and trends in blood glucose levels to be identified and shared.

6. Diabetik

Available for: iOS

What does it do?: The interactive charts of Diabetik are aesthetically pleasing, while its insulin calculator features allows you to consider previous meals and doses. You can be alerted as to whether you need to take medication, while the focus of the app is to enable quick data entry.

5. Glooko

Available for: iOS, Android

Meter compatibility: Supports over 30 meters

What does it do? Once your blood glucose readings have been synced to your iPhone or Android smartphone, a statistical breakdown allows food, insulin and medication intake to be analysed alongside your blood sugar levels. This can then be viewed online, with statistics broken down in graph form.

4. MySugr Logbook

Available for: iOS, Android

What does it do? An app with personality, the MySugr Logbook records data quickly and produces engaging, interactive feedback, such as challenges and games. You can personalise your own logging screen, organising everything together that you want to see, while the Motivating Monster will keep you involved.

3. Tracker

Available: iOS, Android

What does it do?: The Diabetes UK Tracker App allows you to track a number of diabetes management, such as insulin, weight and carbohydrate intake. You can add photos of your meals to remind you of your daily consumption and how this affects your blood glucose levels.

2. Dexcom Share and Follow

Availability: Share – iOS, Follow – iOS, Android

Meter compatibility: Dexcom G4 Platinum CGM

What does it do?: The Dexcom Share and Follow apps use a secure wireless Bluetooth connection to transmit blood glucose information, alleviating the need to finger prick. Blood test results can be shared in real-time with other people, such as doctors.

1. Diabetes PA

Availability: Android

What does it do?: Diabetes PA is one of the only diabetes management apps in which blood glucose levels can be tracked in comparison to your mood. HbA1c, BMI and cholesterol can all be monitored as well, with the app’s mastergraph enabling you to choose which aspects you want to compare.

Which apps have you found useful in managing your diabetes? Let us know in the comments section below!

Picture credit: mobile-sites.com

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