A lot goes into managing type 2 diabetes, whether you’ve been newly diagnosed or you’ve had it for years. The struggles are reliably relentless and require a lot of patience and dedication to overcome.

Last month, we looked at 11 struggles of living with type 1 diabetes – the type of struggles that, while massively frustating, can help build up tolerance for diabetes management.

Here, we’ll look at seven character-building struggles that people with type 2 diabetes go through on a daily basis (some of these may also be applicable if you have type 1 diabetes).

1. Asking for the carbs to be replaced in a restaurant, but still paying the full meal price

2. Abstaining when birthday cake is being served

3. When people say only overweight and old people develop type 2 diabetes

4. When your doctor refuses to acknowledge the success you’ve had with a low-carb diet

5. When people assume that type 2 diabetes is less serious than type 1 diabetes

6. Getting prepared for exercise and then it starts raining

7. When people don’t understand how frustrating living with type 2 diabetes can be

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