“We have a complete healthcare system failure and an epidemic of misinformed doctors and harmed patients,” – Dr Aseem Malhotra, 2018.

On 12 April, a mix of leading doctors and academics spoke at the European Parliament in Brussels in a lecture entitled “Big Food & Big Pharma, Killing for Profit?” Among these speakers was Dr Malhotra, author of The Pioppi Diet, a leading cardiologist and co-founder of Action Sugar, who spoke about the need for system reform in global healthcare, the biased funding of research, overmedication and the need to address the impact of sugar in our diet.

The video recording in full:

Dr Malhotra attended the event at the invitation of Nathan Gill MEP, who recently wrote to Prime Minister Theresa May to change government guidelines in treating diabetes. He was joined by prominent physicians including Sir Richard Thompson, President of the Royal College of Physicians and former doctor to the Queen, and Professor Hanno Pijl, an internationally known professor of Diabetes.

Firstly, Dr Malhotra addressed people being given unnecessary medication, particularly the cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins. Whilst prescribed to reduce the risk of heart attack, the drugs are only effective in less than one per every 100 patients, and can cause an array of “unacceptable” side effects.

He then moved on to discuss obesity and the disastrous role of sugar in modern Western diets, explaining how there were fears over sugar’s impact in the 1970s following research by Professor John Yudkin, but his findings were buried and Prof. Yudkin was ostracised by the medical community.

“The day we stop learning as doctors is the day we stop being doctors,” said Dr Malhotra, and all signs now point towards sugar, not fat, being the culprit behind rising obesity and type 2 diabetes rates in the UK and worldwide. He added that re-educating doctors to embrace healthy nutrition is of pivotal importance to reduce the strain on the NHS and improve health outcomes.

Diabetes.co.uk’s Low Carb Program is very much in line with The Pioppi Diet, helping people with type 2 diabetes to lose weight, improve their blood sugar levels and in some cases put the condition into remission.

Picture: BBC

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