We’ve all been asked ridiculous things about diabetes, whether they are silly comments or full-on stupid questions.

Quite often, this isn’t the other person’s fault. They just don’t know any better. But responding to these silly comments or stupid questions can take time, especially when you try to form a cohesive, well-thought-out answer.

This is why we decided to concoct some short, concise responses to some of the more ludicrous comments that regularly get made about diabetes.

These answers might not necessary help you evade any follow-up questions, but who knows? Your answer may end up preventing that person from ever making the same comment again.

Here are 11 quick responses that could serve you well when you’re next presented with the following questions or comments:

 1. So you can’t eat sugar?

Answer: Yes I can. But only in moderation.

2. Can I borrow one of your test strips?

A. No. These are much more beneficial to me than to you.

3. I saw somewhere that strawberries could cure diabetes?

A. That’s not true. You’ve either misunderstood the article or the headline is chasing shock value.

4. Didn’t you just test your blood/inject a couple of hours ago?

A. Yes. Diabetes is not a part-time condition, it requires regular monitoring.

5. Does it (injecting/finger pricking) hurt?

A. Yes.

6. If you go low should I just inject you with insulin?

A. No. That will make things much worse. Because insulin lowers blood sugar levels.

7. Which diabetes type is more serious?

A. Both carry a risk of serious complications, but dedicated management can reduce these risks.

8. I couldn’t inject myself, I don’t like needles.

A. You would if you had to. Otherwise you’d become very, very sick.

9. Does having diabetes mean you’ll go blind and be amputated?

A. Possibly, but it’s rare. Especially if I keep good control of my blood sugar levels.

10. I sometimes feel like I have diabetes too.

A. Well, look up the symptoms of diabetes. If you have them, go and see your doctor.

11. I couldn’t be diabetic, I just like eating food too much.

A. Diabetes can happen to anyone. If you were diagnosed you’d have to balance food intake with your health.

What crazy questions or ridiculous comments about diabetes have people asked you? Share your experiences in the section below.

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