The BGStar from Sanofi is designed to make blood glucose testing simple whilst offering a range of additional features for when you’re comfortable with the basics.

The BGStar is an intuitive to use meter with a design that won’t look out of place next to a mobile phone – with it’s sister meter, the iBGStar plugging into an iPhone to give your blood glucose test results.

Simple blood glucose testing

Being diagnosed with diabetes and starting to test blood glucose involves a learning curve. The BGStar is designed to help you take that learning at your own pace, making blood glucose testing and understanding the results easy.

  • Large, clear screen
  • Meter has non-slip surface to prevent it slipping when testing
  • Adjustable depth finger pricking device
  • Small blood sample required
  • Counts down prior to the result being displayed
  • Smiley face indicates when blood glucose results are in the right range
  • Hypo and hyper alerts warn you when your levels are too high or too low
  • No coding of the meter required
  • Accurate results give you confidence in your blood sugar testing

Advanced testing features when you’re ready

Once you’re comfortable with testing and making sense of your blood sugar levels, you can start to take advantage of more advanced features, such as:

  • Adding tags to mark before and after meal tests
  • Set up to 7 alarms to remind you to test at different times of day
  • Storing up to 1,865 tests in the meter’s memory
  • Reviewing average blood glucose results over 14, 30 and 90 days
  • Backlit screen allows testing in the dark
  • Compatible with BGStar Diabetes Management Software for more detailed analysis
  • Lifetime guarantee

Accurate results

The BGStar uses Dynamic Electrochemistry® to analyse blood glucose accurately.

The technology allows the meter to prevent factors such as altitude, temperature and hematocrit levels, from distorting the true blood glucose reading, allowing you to have confidence in the accuracy of your blood glucose results.

BGStar specifications and technical information

  • Blood sample size: 0.5 microliters
  • Time for results: 5 seconds
  • Memory: 1,865 test results
  • Averages: 14, 30 and 90 days
  • Batteries: Two replaceable CR2032, 3 volt, lithium batteries
  • Dimensions: 86 x 46 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 48g
  • Measurement range: 1.1 to 33.3 mmol/L
  • Haematocrit: 20 – 60%
  • Operating temperature: 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)
  • Altitude: 3,048 meters (10,000 feet)

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