The mylife Pura comes from Swiss-based company Ypsomed which also brought the Omnipod insulin pump to the UK.

An alternative version of the mylife Pura is the Pura X, which has exactly the same technology as the Pura, just with a different colour scheme.

The mylife Pura meets the 2013 ISO standards for blood glucose meter accuracy, achieving 99.5% of results within the specified accuracy targets.

Pura: autocoding

Autocoding technology allows you to test your blood glucose without entering a code. The meter switches on automatically when a new test strip is clicked into position – and for a change, you put this in sideways.

Illuminated display

An extra-large illuminated display with large digits ensures that the screen is extremely easy to read in all circumstances, but maybe even better for children or the hard-of-sight, while the various functions are very simple to operate using the 3-button control system.


The Pura’s accuracy was demonstrated by being the leading in the test category for low sugar levels in a study in which four established blood glucose meters and the mylife Pura were compared on the basis of the defined assessment criteria.

Softlance lancing device

It comes with a Softlance lancing device featuring horizontal and vertical vibration reduction ensures kind and gentle lancet control. The lancet can also be changed safely and easily as the hygienic ejection mechanism means that you can remove the lancet without touching it.


This blood test machine is called the Pura from mylife which is the brand name of Ypsomed. Ypsomed is probably a little more well known for the Omnipod – which is a patch pump. It’s an insulin pump, but instead of a tube, there’s a pod on the body and the handset controls the insulin. But that’s part of the suite of products from Ypsomed under the mylife brand.

The Pura is this little thing. It’s dreadfully modern and white. Very simple which is good. I’ll do a quick blood test to show you how it works. It’s quite interesting how people approach blood testing. Each of the blood test machines have slightly different variants. You don’t need coding with this one. You actually slot the test strip in the top. There’s a lancet inside here. You prime it, adjusting the bars like a mobile phone signal. The more bars you have, the more penetration. That’s how you prime it and release it. I’ll set the machine up first. This goes in like that leaving the sensor bit exposed. That’s already primed, set that to go, bit of blood and like most modern machines you don’t need a lot.

It’s busy on the screen telling you what to do and then it takes 5 seconds to countdown (once blood test is applied). It’s very simple and has a very big display. It’s all very easy to use and comes with skins to decorate it should you wish. Not everyone fancies having a skin on their blood test machine. But if you do, all well and good. It makes it easier to find, stand out or match your outfit for the day. That’s the Pura from mylife Ypsomed.

Silicon skins

Now, if white is not your colour, then there’s a choice of 6 others through flexible silicon covers that protect against damage, provide a good grip and are skid-resistant too, and there’s a series of 9 stickers you can also choose from to accessories your meter should you wish to.

Analysis software

The mylife Pura is compatible with the following blood glucose management software:

  • Diabass
  • mylife SiDiary
  • SiDiary
  • DiaSend

Technical specifications

  • Blood sample size: 1.0 microlitres
  • Time to result: 5 seconds
  • Memory: 600 test results
  • Averages: 1, 7, 14, 30 and 90 days
  • Battery: Two CR2032 batteries
  • Battery life: Approximately 1,000 tests
  • Dimensions: 91 x 46 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 53g
  • Measurement range: 0.6 – 33.3 mmol/L
  • Haematocrit range: 30 – 60%

Operating conditions

  • Temperature: 10 – 40° C
  • Humidity: 10 – 90% relative humidity

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