Patricia Louise Holte-Edwards

Date of birth:
May 24, 1944

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Diabetes Type:
Type 2

Patti LaBelle, whose stage name is Patricia Louise Holte-Edwards, is an American soul singer and actress. She is most well-known for the disco song “Lady Marmalade”, which she recorded as part of the band LaBelle.

LaBelle won two Grammy awards during her career – the first for her tenth album, Burnin’, and the second for her Live! One Night Only album in 1998.

She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1995 after passing out on stage during a performance in New York City. The doctor informed her when she woke up that she had the condition.

Adapting to type 2 diabetes

LaBelle admits to being angered by her diagnosis at the time.

She told diabeticlivingonline: “I’d make fried chicken for everybody, have a piece, and say it was OK,” despite knowing she had to make alterations to her diet.

LaBelle’s mother died from diabetes-related complications , and it wasn’t long before LaBelle took charge of her condition.

She adopted a regular exercise routine and works out with a personal trainer when she is touring.

Her dietary changes to keep her blood glucose levels down led to her writing cookbooks and launching Patti’s Good Life sauces, a collection of spicy recipes.

Her diagnosis hasn’t stopped her for expanding her career. She featured in the Oscar nominated film A Soldier’s Story, appeared in television show American Horror Story and has competed in Dancing with the Stars.

LaBelle is also a member of the American Diabetes Association’s Celebrity Cabinet, and was a spokesman for Glucerna’s Diabetes Freedom Campaign.

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