Seven Plus
Seven Plus CGM


Dexcom comes to the market with the Seven Plus CGM system which claims to be the GPS of the CGM world, where GPS is a glucose protection system.

CGM is the newest way to monitor blood glucose levels and this is one of the few options available in the new technology.

Advances in CGM

As the full title ‘ continuous glucose monitoring ’ states, these little on-body gizmos tell you what your glucose level is (often called blood sugar, but it’s actually glucose).

Dexcom has been in the sensor arena for more than 10 years, and is long in the tooth by comparison with many – showing how new this sector is.

As with other CGM units, the Seven Plus had a transmitter or ‘pod’, which is on the body and includes a sensors that goes just under the skin where it tests interstitial body fluids for glucose.

The pod is both wireless and water-resistant and had an in-built battery that will last a year – so no need for recharging or the chance of it suddenly giving out on you.

Dexcom Seven Plus information

Real-time glucose information

There is also a receiver (a handheld that can go in bags or pockets). This has a screen that shows trends and ‘real-time’ glucose level information. Readings are sent from the sensor every five minutes.

Seen in the form of a graph-like line, you can see if your glucose levels are trending up or down, therefore helping you to take action if you need to with a snack to raise your blood sugar if you’re heading into hypo.

CGM is meant to do two things – put the power into your hands, and help you to head off hypos

Putting the power into your hands is by improving your ability to self-manage your diabetes control.

DexCom Data Manager 3 software

The Seven Plus CGM comes with DexCom Data Manager 3 software which in addition to the screen on the receiver can give an even better insight into ways to improve control.

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