Bayer House, Strawberry Hill,
RG14 1JA
Tel: UK: 0845 600 6030 or Ireland: 1 890 920 111

Bayer Diabetes Care is a leading provider of home blood glucose testing kits, such as the popular Contour and Breeze ranges and the interactive Didget meter for children.

Bayer's Contour USB is the world's first blood glucose meter with plug and play diabetes management software.

No coding

The meters in Bayer's range require no coding in order to calibrate the test strips for use in the meter. So without the need for coding, Bayer's meters allow for greater ease of use and less worrying about whether the test will be accurate.

Glucofacts Deluxe

Glucofacts Deluxe is Bayer's diabetes management software. Connect your Bayer meter to your computer or laptop and you can view, analyse and print off your results. Glucofacts Deluxe is compatible with all Bayer's meters and is available onboard the Contour USB.

Bayer Diabetes Support

From Monday to Friday, Bayer Diabetes Support is available for owners of Bayer meters to call for guidance and support. The service is staffed by qualified nurses who are there to help you. No query is too trivial.

Contact Bayer Diabetes Care

You can contact Bayer Diabetes Care on the following:

Free product replacements

Bayer provides batteries and control solutions for their meters free of charge, and record diaries too. Should the need arise; they'll even replace your meter. To make the most of these benefits, register your meter at BayerDiabetes.co.uk.

Simply Carbs carbohydrate counting tool

Carbohydrate counting is a crucial part of day to day diabetes management and Bayer's Simply Carbs is a tool to help you get the hang of it.

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